Executive Summary

Chapter 1: Setting the Context – An Overview of New Zealand and English Mental Capacity Law

1A:  The Legal Concept of Capacity
1B:  Overview of Mental Capacity Law in New Zealand
1C:  Overview of Mental Capacity Law in England and Wales

Chapter 2: Supported Decision-making

2A:  Human Rights
2B:  Legal Principles
2C:  Ethics, Autonomy and the Law
2D:  The Cultural Dimension
2E:  Supported Decision-making in Practice and in Case Law
Recommendations for Supported Decision-making

Chapter 3: Liberty Safeguards

3A:  The Human Rights Framework
3B:  The Bournewood Gap
3C:  New Zealand – Implications of the Bournewood Gap
3D:  Reform Options – A Proportionate Response
Recommendations for Liberty Safeguards

Chapter 4: Defining Capacity

4A:  Important Concepts of Capacity
4B:  PPPR Act – Legal Tests
4C:  MCA – Legal Test
Recommendation for a Single Test for Capacity

Chapter 5: Best Interests – A Standard for Decision-making

5A:  Best Interests in New Zealand Law
5B:  Best Interests at Common Law and Under the Mental Capacity Act
Recommendations for Best Interests as a Standard for Decision-making

Chapter 6: Research on People Who Lack Capacity

6A:  The Gap in New Zealand's Legal Framework
6B:  International Standards and the Mental Capacity Act
Recommendations for Research on People who Lack Capacity

Chapter 7: Code of Practice

7A:  The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) Code of Practice
7B:  Development of a Code of Practice for New Zealand
7C:  The First Step - A Toolkit for Assessing Capacity
Recommendations for a New Zealand Code of Practice

Chapter 8: Conclusion – A Checklist for Reform

8A:  Provisions of the MCA that could be inserted into the PPPR Act
8B:  Major Gaps in Current New Zealand Law
8C:  Implementation of the Law in Practice
8D:  Further Features of the Mental Capacity Act

Appendix A:  A Review of Selected PPPR Act Cases
Appendix B:  A Review of the Health and Disability Commissioner's Opinions about Capacity
Appendix C:  Legislation and International Human Rights Conventions
Appendix D:  A Toolkit for Assessing Capacity
Appendix E:  Letters of Support and People Consulted for this Project


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